China’s first female pilot of J-10 fighter jets dies during a training exercise

China’s first female pilot of a J-10 fighter jet, Yu Xu, died during a training exercise yesterday Saturday November 12th. According to the Chinese Air Force. Yu was a pilot of the August 1st Aerobatic Team, which is affiliated to the Air Force.

 Yu’s plane plunged to the ground after an unspecified accident, and she was unable to eject from the jet in time. The incident occurred in Hebei province.
She was reportedly flying with a male pilot who was able to eject from the jet when he plunged to the ground. He however sustained serious injuries.

Yu Xu, 30, who was born in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, was a member of the August 1st aerobatics team of the People’s Liberation Army’s air force. She was one of few female pilots who could fly domestically made fighter jets.

More photos of Yu Xu below…


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