Charly Boy,others leads protesters to National Assembly gates

The Nigeria Musician well-known singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher and producer. who is also one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers due to his alternative lifestyle, and views on political and societal issues.

Charly Boy {Charles Oputa} led hundreds of protesters to the National Assembly yesterday to demand public disclosure of the budget of the Federal lawmakers.

The protesters also demanded that immunity from criminal procedure against the President, Vice President, governors and deputy governors be removed from the constitutional.

Besides, the protesters, under the aegis of Office of the Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, backed the anti-corruption crusade of the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

It insisted that all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), including the Legislature and the Judiciary, be subjected to the Treasury Single Account (TSA) to curb wastages and corruption in government.

According to Premium times, the protesters led by the popular musician have  erected five tents in front of the Assembly’s gate and stationed a van, preventing movement to and from the Assembly complex.

The protesters are demanding that for such crimes as  stealing public funds, all guilty people should be sentenced to death.

They also called for a slash in the salaries of political office holders by about 70 per cent. Also the protesters are demanding for a stop of state and local government joint accounts. They also demand the disclosure of details of National Assembly’s multi-billion naira budget.

The protesters were members of a group known as “Occupy Unlimited,” which is  a civil society group that advocates good governance and a corruption-free society.

The group who said they would not move till their demands were granted, and they also want the National Assembly to review the constitution towards amending the clause that grants immunity to the president, vice-president, governors, and the deputy-governors. Other things they wanted includes: Amending the law so the officials can be tried for criminal matters while in office and a unicameral legislature, asking that the Senate be scrapped.

To reduce the burden of governance, the protesters said the Senate be scrapped with the controversial constituency intervention projects.

Charly Boy, who said corruption had robbed Nigerian youths of their future, noted that death penalty should be introduced to check corrupt public office holders.
The entertainer assured that his group would not relent in protesting what he called the gross injustice against Nigerian youths until positive commitments were obtained from the lawmakers.

He said: “I was happy that some youths are doing what young people should do. I am just here to encourage them to take their rightful place in the society.

“I have also advised them on the need to go back to the drawing board and come out massively because this is a cause for the few men and women of integrity left in Nigeria to come and speak out against this oppression.

“I see that most of the youths these days are just handicapped by the great poverty, unemployment and uncertainty of tomorrow. This is because we have a government that does not work; we have a government that cannot arrest corruption.

“I am here to encourage them because when next we come here, the whole place will be filled up. This is a movement. I am telling young Nigerians that if they do not do something about their future, their future has been stolen.

“So, if you don’t fight to retrieve it, you will die for nothing in this country. There will be nothing for you, if you don’t agitate.

“I am here to encourage that culture of agitation, the culture of standing up for your bloody rights because nothing will change until you do so.”


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