Nigeria @ 56 Amazing throwback post independence pictures from 1960

Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s first prime minister with the Queen of England during Nigeria’s independence day celebration in 1960.

Nigeria gained independence in 1960 through the British government legislated constitutions and has since tried to hold her citizens together in unity, a task which she has often struggled with.

This, like previous years, promises to be one that gives many Nigerians that nostalgic feeling as they remember how the years under the colonial masters were and the yearnings of the people.

Some indigenes of Katsina state, northern Nigeria in 1960s

However, Nigerians regardless of their ethnic background or religion, still belong to the southern and northern protectorates which the country was divided to by Sir Frederick Lord Lugard, who happened to be the country’s first governor general.

Spectators on Nigeria’s independence day 1960.
Spectators on Nigeria’s independence day 1960.

 Ever since, the new constitution which was legislated by the British government established a federal system with an elected prime minister and a ceremonial head of state.

Today, Nigerians whether happy or sad, will commemorate the 56th year since the country became an independent nation, KLB have discovered some amazing throw back pictures of the post independence celebration in 1960.

Western House of Assembly, Ibadan.