It takes the Grace of God for real men to stay loyal to one woman..I toast my wife everyday – IK Ogbonna

Ik Ogbonna needs men to continue playing around with their spouses ,the way they did before marriage .He additionally says being a genuine man is by being devoted .He composed close by a photo of his significant wife,Sonia

Who ever said you can’t play around with your spouse, lied .
At the point when u were toasting her and attempting to win her,you used to take her all over the place and you felt like the man and now she wedded you and she is all yours you feel like u are man enough on the off chance that she sit her rear end at home while u out having a fabulous time (with other ladies that are potentially not as half of a lady she seems to be).

Bruv your lady is the blessing you give yourself as well as a blessing from God. A gift. Everyone can cheat,it’s simple. Presently it takes a genuine supervisor to stay steadfast and duty to one lady as it were.

Toast her regular  and, guess what? It feels so great. Hi desserts ? @sonialareinaa #bittertruth


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