Watch Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Moment in lagos

Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Lagos trip was awesome with questions and answers from  developers and entrepreneurs.

The key points of Mark Zuckerberg is adumbrated below.

“The best way to predict the future is to change it.“

Not that we needed a Silicon Valley Billionaire to remind us but it’s always very encouraging to hear positive things about Nigeria and Nigerians. For us, it’s a reminder that despite all the challenges, we should keep striving.

It was great to hear that he recognised the

Entrepreneurial Energy
Resilience of Nigerian entrepreneurs and developers.
He talked about a young lady named Blessing who is a graduate of the Andela programme (The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invested in the startup this year). Blessing applied and didn’t get into the Andela programme (The programme is highly selective and has an admission rate famously even lower than Harvard’s).
Though she was not admitted, she showed up anyway and she kept on showing up until they gave her a chance. She ended up doing exceptionally well and now her career in software engineering is thriving.


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