Nigeria will overcome economic recession and challenges says Bukola Saraki

Senate President,Dr Bukola Saraki, on Friday assured Nigerians that Nigeria will overcome the current period of economic challenge.

Bukola Saraki disclose it to the State House correspondents after observing the Friday Jumaat prayer with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Saraki urged Nigerians to be patient.

According to The Nation report, Senate President  said the nation’s leaders are very much aware of the economic hardship in the land and Nigeria leaders, are also feeling the people’s pains.

“With prayer Insha Allahu, we will overcome it (economic recession). The most important thing is for us to stay together and give the President support and continue to believe in this great country that we all have and be rest assured that we will all weather the storm and scale through together.

Saraki  urged Nigerians to support President Buhari in order to succeed.

“Once again, as a country in this period, we will continue to pray. On Sunday, the day of Arafat, we offer prayer for our leaders and President so that we can do what is right, because we feel the pain. We know what the country is going through.

“Because there is no Nigerian with blood flowing through that will not know that things are difficult now and we pray that with God’s guidance, He will see us through.”he said.”

Source:the nation


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