Fine Girl No Action – article by Charly Boy Oputa

Fine Girl No Action - article by Charly Boy Oputa

Read his piece below…

I was lounging in my sitting room on this lazy Saturday morning when my cousin breezed in with this beautiful damsel, his new girlfriend. After formally introducing her, I couldn’t help but notice her statistics, very impressive I must say. 

My cousin is a certified player; only 33yrs old but I swear, e don do pass me. When I was in the world, Kai, did I have my fill of very beautiful women: when men were men, no be now wey we dey go night vigil before we can get a hard-on. Who say old age na good thing.
Yea, I know what you’re thinking….
Men are often thought of as visual creatures. You can’t blame us for being superficial when it’s hardwired into our brains, can you? That’s what we say, at least, as a defense, because most of us are defenseless when faced with an incredibly beautiful woman; but as old solider concerned, I have A1 in holding body, wetin Oyinbo people call discipline.
Back to my cousin, his babe excused herself at some point to use the washroom, as I fired the first shot by congratulating him on a very beautiful catch, come and see heavy complaints, he started telling me all that was wrong with his girl. Haba, they have only dated for just three months! “Uncle Charly, she is only a fine face o, she can’t cook, she can’t f..k, all she’s good for is this kinda comment I get every time and everywhere I go with her but na dat one I go chop? Infact, I’m not sure I will be with her for long”, he murmured bitterly.
What do I say to all of that? 
I have learnt from experience that out of the hundreds of very beautiful and pretty women I dated when I was in the world, most of them really were nothing to write home about when it came to bedmatics. My cousin’s statement therefore was only reaffirming what I have known all along. I know this is a theory many guys would love to argue out with me, but, hey, it’s just my personal opinion. Most pretty faces out there are not great lovers at all.
You see, the world does a great job of constantly reminding pretty, beautiful, fine women how hot they are.  For the full article, kindly visit
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