Economic Retreat: Those calling for sale of National assetsare financial predators and parasites says Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani has described those calling for the sale of some of Nigeria’s national assets, for example, NLNG as financial parasites and predators who need to benefit from the current monetary subsidence. On his online networking handle, Sani composed

Below is Sani statement

“The call for the sale of our National assets and investment is condemnable. The proponents are economic predators and parasites who wants to profit from the recession. Nigerians must resist and rise up against this heists and roguery. 
They don’t want to buy Ajaokuta steel company because it’s not profitable;they don’t want to invest in solid minerals,Agriculture or science and technology,they don’t want to invest in the exploration of oil in Chad basin or Benue trough ;They want to buy NLNG and NNPC”.


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