Donald Trump gives his plan for dealing with Isis

The US Presidential candidate Donald Trump for some time now has been talking about his plans to defeat ISIS and expunge the terror organization once he is elected to be president.

At first during an interview this week with NBC on National security when he was asked how he intends to defeat ISIS, he replied that he doesn’t want ‘our enemies’  to publicly hear his ideas. But he has finally given ideas on how he plans to deal with the group.

Billionaire Trump’s answer came after retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn asked him to expand on the four components of his national security strategy, naming them ‘military, cyber, financial and ideological. But Trump’s answer was really vague.

This is what Trump answered (in full):

‘Well, that’s it. And you know cyber is becoming so big today. It’s becoming something that number of years ago, short number of years ago, wasn’t even a word. And now the cyber is so big, and you know look at what they’re doing with the internet.’

‘How they’re taking recruiting people through the internet. And part of it is the psychology because so many people think they’re winning. And you know, there’s a whole big thing. Even today, psychology — where CNN came out with a big poll. Their big poll came out today that Trump is winning.

‘It’s good psychology, you know. It’s good psychology. I know that for a fact because people that didn’t call me yesterday, they’re calling me today. So that’s the way life works right?’

America’s next president??? *sigh*


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