comic Alibaba castigates PDP supporters for asserting picture of Aisha Buhari with Michelle Obama was photoshopped

Nigeria Comedian Alibaba share his taughtover some PDP individuals who asserted yesterday said that Aisha Buhari’s photo with Michelle Obama was photograph shopped and went similarly as indicating out why they trust it is so. Comic Alibaba thinks such disposition is appalling. What he composed is adumbrated above….

The degree some people will go to dishonor someone else will let you know how intense they are. Why would you go to these lengths just to demonstrate that you are tormented you lost a election? Is that some portion of resistance of politics? Furthermore, the photoshopped one is clearer than the first? Haba naaaaa! A few people make a decent attempt to simply make others look terrible and in doing as such they don’t know how disgusting that just makes them.


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