Time for Biafra instigators to stop preaching death

Time for Biafra instigators to stop preaching death

In a response to purported claims by MEND that a preliminary agreement has been reached with the Federal Government of Nigeria for the release of Nnamdi Kanu on the condition that he will renounce his call for the actualization of sovereign state of Biafra, the self-acclaimed “Coordinator of the Coordinators” (oke afa n’egbu nwa-nkita) of IPOB, one Clifford Iroanya issued a statement to the effect that it is either “Biafra or Death”.

 Churchill Okonkwo, he points out that those urging youths to participate in protests and die for Biafra are actually hiding in the US instead of leading the agitation.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has vowed that Nnamdi Kanu would rather fie that denounce Biafra and has urged all Igbos to take this stance.

“we reiterate that Nnamdi Kanu is not Ralph Uwazuruike and IPOB is not MASSOB. Therefore, anybody thinking that our leader will renounce Biafra is certifiably mad. For both IPOB and their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, it is either we get Biafra or we die on the process of getting it. There is no middle ground”.

Mr. Iroanya should be reminded that lives of Igbo youths cut short are wondering how he felt after promoting hatred and anger that led to their massacre on May 30th 2016. They are wondering how he go to sleep at night. They also wonder how he felt when he saw their dead bodies at the back of the police trucks. They wonder how he felt when we saw their spilled blood on the streets.

I wonder whether you Mr. Iroanya, has ever cared about the voices of the grieving mothers and wives of these young men. Mr. Iroanya, do you really care about what the mothers of these young men pass through? These mothers pass through moments of agonizing sadness and anguish. They are traumatized and sick. Yet, all you could offer is heartlessness and calls for more death?

Iroanya, is your stomach not feeling queasy from calling for more deaths of your brothers and sisters? I felt pain and tears when I saw those dead bodies and my natural response was to cry. Why are we not crying Mr. Iroanya? Where have we learnt such indifference? And who said it is a virtue?

please tell the con artist, Mazi Chukwuemeka Iroanya to come down from his artificial safe haven in the United States and see that the poor masses they deceived are already dying from hunger and starvation?  In today’s Nigeria, Biafra or no Biafra, people are dying. If you doubt, ask Rev. Father Mbaka.

Leading Ndigbo to death Rather than encouraging the unemployed Umu Igbo to work harder and engage in meaningful endeavors that will put food on their tables, the con artist Mazi Iroanya and his cohorts have been deceiving these youths with promises of bountiful harvest without cultivation. Meanwhile, he is working like “Jaky” in the United States to pay his bills and enjoy good life.

Ndi Igbo have a saying that when the music stops, a deaf person continues to dance. It is apparent that the con-artists behind IPOB are deaf. That’s why they are swearing in the name of the god of Amadioha for death to befall their people while at the shrine of another god in faraway land eating burger. A living fire begets cold, impotent ash. IPOB members living abroad in the free Western world and wishing death on their brothers and sisters that are suffering on the streets of Nigeria are impotent. Biafrans in the jungle of Nigeria, striving every day to make ends meet are not impotent as a people and we don’t wish death upon ourselves. Umunnem, si nu Mazi Chukwuemeka Iroanya Tufiakwa! We will not die!

This opinion first appeared in Sahara Reporters and Naij report.


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