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Must observed 10 good signs to know if your girl is dating you for money or not

Must observed 10 good signs to know  if your girl is dating you for money or not

Signs to know if a girl dating you for money or is she truly in love with you?.

As described by naij report. Here are the signs.

1. Dude take a look at what She keeps asking you, She may need some medicine or to pay her rent urgently, and you can help her, but is she asking for money all the time? That’s a bad sign.

 2. When she is the happiest Watch for her reactions and emotions. Some men are not attentive enough, and they deserve to be dated for money! If you do, you can uncover her real reasons. Is she happy, when you are around just talking to her? Or is she happy, when you take her shopping or to a restaurant?

3. Her lifestyle Compare her income with how much she spends. Does she have expensive outfits, makeup, and other things? A real question to ask is: where does she get all the money from? Does she have a sugar daddy? Are you not the first one to pay her bills?

 4. You just feel it You have a strong sense she is with you for money. It might be right, only first make sure you have enough to seduce a woman!

5. Does she care to keep you well financially? If a girl is seriously in love with you, she would worry over you spending too much on her. She would be unhappy about such habits of wasting money and would want you to get better management of your finances. If she is after your money, she won’t care a dime

 6. Tell her you are broke It’s a risky test. Do it only if you really want to know the truth. After all, she never promised yet to be with you in good and bad times!

7. Tantrums The next time she asks you to take her out or shopping, just says “no” and see how she reacts. If she throws a fit over it, the answer is clear.

8. Give her your credit card and see how it goes It could be a costly test, but it works. If she spends recklessly, she is after your money!

9. Listen to her carefully When she talks, she unwillingly gives away her true motives. You only need to know how to listen. What does she share the most? Does she have a plan for her life and high ambitions or does she talk only of her troubles?

 10. No pain, no gain? Is she willing to have sex with you only after you give her and expensive gift or a shopping tour? That’s a sure sign.


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