Mother-of-two Becky captures face of Jesus in the sky

Mother-of-two Becky captures face of Jesus in the sky
 Becky captures face of Jesus in the sky

A 26-year old Becky and mother-of-two couldn’t believe her eyes when snapped the shot, looked at her smartphone and saw the mystery bearded face staring back at her!The blurry silhouette resembling Jesus’ face can be seen in the middle of the image of the striking pink and purple skyline in between the two trees.

 Becky said: “I was just taking a nice picture in my son’s bedroom of the sunset because I thought it looked really pretty. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the face looking back at me through the camera it was so cool.

 I immediately tried to zoom in and take another picture but it just didn’t look as good which is a shame.

 The first person that came into my mind was that it looked like Jesus.” She sent the picture to her mother who was also amazed by the resemblance and the pair both posted it on social media.

Expectedly, it immediately went viral forcing people in different corners of the world guess who is that guy with kind face hiding in heaven. Although there were various theories about and comaprisons to popular actors and siners, Becky is convinced — Jesus revealed himself to her.


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