Reasons Why I attacked Senator Oluremi Tinubu, by Melaye

Dino Melaye,

Dino Melaye, the senator representing Kogi West, alleged that Sen. Tinubu called him “a thug and dog”

Melaye allegedly threatened to beat up Sen. Tinubu during Senate executive session on Tuesday.

Melaye claimed that he was only given the floor to pacify his colleagues who he said had initiated forgery suits to withdraw their suits.

He claimed that when he made his submissions, he did not use any indecent words, neither did he mention anybody’s name.

Melaye claimed that Sen. Tinubu stood up and said that she was being harassed by him.

He claimed that he restrained himself but lost his patience when Sen. Tinubu described him as a “dog” and “thug” who must be “tamed”. this happen at he behind-the-door session was created to deliberate on the forgery case against  Senate President Bukola Saraki, his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu and two others.

Senator Dino Melaye,sprang up and told Sen. Tinubu:  “you are stupid”. also the issue of impeachment was never discussed during the session.

Dino Melaye said that some unnamed persons who wanted to score cheap political points built impeachment into what happened.

“After I spoke so many other senators spoke and I did not mention the name of any senators while I was making my presentation. Unfortunately Senator Oluremi Tinubu got up and was recognised to speak and immediately she started speaking she specifically mentioned my name even when in my presentation I did not mention anybody’s names.

“I only appealed to the sensitivity of my colleagues and asked them to withdraw their case from court and reminded them that already that there was a resolution of the senate that the rules were not forged.

Melaye said: “When I stood up and I made my submissions that day in the Senate, all I did was to pacify my colleagues and asked that the case in court be withdrawn because already there is a resolution of the Senate that the rules of the Senate were not forged and since there was a resolution of the Senate that the rules of the Senate were not forged, then, I said, all those who have gone to court should go and withdraw their names from court and that if at the end of the day those who refused to withdraw their names from the court we should penalise them by suspending them. I said that.

“I kept quiet at that point. She went ahead to say that why will Senator Melaye come here and be threatening senators.

“There was a large chorus from senators how, when, where, senators reacted. At that point I was still very calm.

“She got up again and said that this thug must be tamed. At that point, I got up and I told her that she is very stupid.

“The next statement from her is that you are a dog. She called me a dog and when she called me a dog I stood up and I reacted and I told her that this is not Bourdillon and that she should look at my face.

Source: Thenation news 

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