Civilian Joint Task Force arrest Six suspected Boko Haram men in Lagos

Lagos- 6 of the 100 suspected Boko Haram members declared  by the military/federal Government been arrested last Friday by vigilantes in Lagos.

Boko Haram men
Boko Haram men

They are; Ibrahim Ali, Abubakar Ahmed, Goigoi Kamsalem, Ibrahim Mohammed, Banagana Blam Ali and Adam

Accordly to The Seriki Hausawa in Ijora, Alhaji Mustapha Mohammed, who heads the vigilance group, known as the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) said Adam was arrested inside a 40-foot container in an abandoned container inside a church in Festac Town. while, Ali and Blam were arrested during a raid of suspected terrorists’ hideout at Isheri; Ahmed, Kamsalem and Mohammed were nabbed on Victoria Island, where they were staying with friends.

 Alhaji Mustapha Mohammed said the suspects have been transferred to Borno State, where they are wanted by the military, adding that they looked unkempt and hungry when they were arrested.

Mohammed said his group started operation in the state in 2011, adding that Boko Haram would have hit some strategic installations and buildings, if not for the vigilantes.

Accordly to the nation news, Alhaji Mustapha Mohammed said, We got an intelligence report that Adam was hiding inside an abandoned 40-foot container on a church premises.

 It was the security man attached to the church that hid him inside the container. When we arrived on the church premises, we headed straight to where the container was kept.

 The security man attached to the church was not around then. The container was locked from the outside with a padlock. The pastor of the church was embarrassed to see us, but by the time we explained our mission to him, he along with others stood aside to see and by the time we broke the padlock, Adam was hiding in the far corner of the container.
 As soon as the pastor sighted the suspect, he started singing praises.”

The Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) members insisted that they are from Borno State where these people also come from and we know their communities. Our people back home do monitor them, and once they leave Maiduguri, we would be alerted so that we can be on the lookout.

our members are always on ground to fish them out based on intelligence report and once they are arrested, we hand them over to security agencies for further investigation and prosecution.


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