A Joke Taken Too Far by NASS – By Gen. Alani Akinrinade (Rtd)

A JOKE TAKEN TOO FAR - by Gen. Alani Akinrinade (Rtd)

As far as l’m concerned, there is nothing like senators in the federal republic of Nigeria as at today. What people refer to as senators, is merely a deceptive and illusory assemblage of national irritants, who deliberate daily on how to purchase new cars, build new mansions and buy fantastic ones abroad, arrogate a strange and unjustified immunity to themselves, get constituency votes for marrying new wives and servicing girlfriends.

This assemblage derives most of its membership from retired and expired ex-governors, who ran their states aground and left them in huge debts, and also left their subjects bleeding, and weeping in sorrow and abject penury. You also have a lot of rascals, hooligans, area boys and street fighters amongst their fold.

Now how can this insensate and fiendish lot, after enough dosage of weed, lock up themselves in one obscure chamber and begin to mute the idea of impeaching a democratically elected president?… . Well, l must state here that it is none of their faults.

If Nigerians had turned out en-mass and come to #OCCUPYNASS so we chase these prodigal sons back to their respective villages, we surely won’t be discussing this today. . They should let it trickle down to their medulla that things are no longerthe same.

It is no more business as usual and there is nothing they can do about it. I reliably gathered that most of them who borrowed money from banks to finance their campaigns, are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with pressures from the banks. That’s the way it should be.

This is not a business venture, rather a call to service. Hence, if you are not comfortable with the tune of events, then you resign, instead of turning yourself a legislative embarrassment and national disgrace. I’m yet to see any of them who would be missed for a minute if he resigns today.

This crop of Wonderers would undoubtedly leave a legacy as the worst performing, and most unproductive Senate in the history of Nigeria. Their latest actions and pronouncements are indeed a joke taken too far.


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