DJ Cuppy and Temie Otedola to UK’s Daily Mail i like to spend time in uk

DJ Cuppy and Temie Otedola to UK’s Daily Mail i live to spend time in uk
L-R Sisters Temi and Cuppy Otedola

Cuppy Otedola THE daughter of Nigeria Billionaire Femi Otedola told the UK’s Daily Mail
accordly to her, i am more happy to been in London than Nigeria Because any time iam in Nigeria i have to move with Bullet poof car to protect my life from Robbery and Kidnapping.

She also said “London is bliss as I can walk down Brompton Road without a worry in the world. In Lagos I can’t say “I am going out for two hours”, I have to go with people, take security, my dad needs to know where I am. None of my other DJ friends need security, it is kind of his fault so he has to pay for it”.

Also Temi,her younger sister  who is student in University College London in art history, gave her own reason for loving to visit and spend time in London as “We have done Dubai and Paris but always come back to London. You have the luxury shops, luxury cars, luxury houses, you can spend the money you have worked hard making”



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