Grace Okoro Adaeze has been deposed and is no more a Queen of Nollywood .

Grace Okoro AdaezeGrace Okoro Adaeze has been deposed and is no more a Queen of  Nollywood .

One of the Miss Nollywood Queens, Queen Grace Okoro Adaeze has been ousted
after the show blamed her for being careless and having a terrible attitude.
The concerned authority shared on their authority Facebook Page this
announcement here: 
”This is to Notify the
Public (online networking, Press, Prints) and all news stages that One of our
Queens Queen Grace Okoro Adaeze (Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism) has been
deposed and is no more a queen of Nollywood.. For conflicting with the approaches
and principles of Miss Nollywood Organization… 

1. Miss Grace force
herself a director one Robyn Gawa, who is a fraud, a fake 
Director Not perceived
by the Organization, who conducts himself as a specialist of MNF, we are
clearing up that Robyn Gawa is neither a laborer nor among the MNF arranging
No Queen in any part of
the world has the privilege to name herself an administrator, without the
endorsement of the Organization, It’s an affront.. 
2. As a Queen of
Nollywood whatever that transpires, is on the Organization, But Grace shows up
in Programs (ventures all around) without the assent of the association,
notwithstanding when she was advised to return she answered MNF in quote
‘Nobody can stop me’. 
The association has been
extremely indulgent with Miss Grace and she was cautioned severally.. 
3. Effortlessness was as
of late in Bayelsa, where the coordinator EBarakumo Odede is based, however she
thought less about educating him, She Lodged in a Hotel with her fake Manager
and stayed for over a week, The Organization remains unaware of what they did,
If not for the great relationship the MNF have with Hotels, which prompted
dependable sources reaching us on the off chance that we know about Grace’s
4. Amid her stay, Grace
was even inquired as to whether she had advised her Boss of her travel.. she
affirmed that ‘I don’t generally believe it’s his business’.. 
5. Out of the
considerable adoration the association has for her, and because of how she was
picked, developed and changed to improve as a man, we continued and cautioned
her of her Behavior more than we can number.. Effortlessness is currently too
enormous for the Organization, she’s impolite, we can’t contain her arrogancy
any longer.. 
In this way Miss Grace
Okoro Adaeze has been acquired down consistence with the approaches of Miss
Nollywood Beauty Pageant and has been Dethroned.. 
Queen Grace deposing
produces prompt results and shes anticipated that would give back every one of
the possessions of Miss Nollywood inside 6days, and never to show up as a ruler
of Nollywood anyplace Again.. 
Also, the ‘Trust SUPPORT
INITIATIVE FOUNDATION’ that was established by the Organization under BK GLOBAL
ENTERTAINMENT for Miss Grace Okoro to Support the Less Privileged has been
pulled back from her.. 
Should Grace be
discovered displaying herself as a Queen of Nollywood after this letter, will
be as mimic.. 
Also, any individual who
sees her showing up or guaranteeing to be a queen of Nollywood ought to think
of her as a fake and call the Police instantly.. 
We Love our Queens,
everything we do is to advance our Queens, the Organization has never had any
awful aim against its queen. Furthermore, has never constrained Miss Grace of
Any of our Queens to go or do anything without wanting to.. 
Signed Miss
Organising team.



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