7 various forces that can limit every business success

In life you can get to top of the ladder. It all depends on your thoughts, you are what you think, if you think that you can fly then you will. Do not limit your dreams by thinking small, if the things you seek are small, then you are not exceptional, you are merely playing safe

In words of Bill Gates, “you do not discover new worlds by playing safe, conventional waters” you can’t achieve the exceptional without being exception.It thas been proved that stars are thinkers and every committed thinkers is a potential star. Here are various forces that can limit every business idea.

1. Financial

poverty and lack can limit any thing that requires money to be a reality. Poverty has killed many business dreams, vision and desires- bringing frustration, so one must do everything right to get economic empowerment apart from the other area of empowerment. When entrepreneurs decide to be in business, they are putting some (if not all) of their net worth at risk.

While starting a business, an entrepreneur may run the risk of living a stressful life that is out of balance, with working hours taking away other family or personal activities.

Nevertheless, with good management support and outsourcing, emerging businesses can consider hiring someone to take out some of these tasks on your behalves.

2. Relationship
your position is a reflection of the quality of the people you have surrounded yourself with. Your friend influence you more ways than you realize. Our lives most time mirror the lives of our closest friend and confidante without having
a written agreement with any of your friend to live the way they do.

3. Emotional: if you have seen anyone with any form of emotional disorder like anger and temper disorder, identity crises fear, shyness esteem problem. You will easily identify the fact that emotional disorders can limit one from being all they can be as investor.

4. Mental:

mental disorder, wrong mentality and dullness can limit a businessman for succeeding because he find it difficult to rise above the boundaries for his mind and mentality.

5. Psychological
poblem hinder concentrate, vision, result and success and any form of achievement desired because the person is not psychologically prepared, so limiting force can also come in the way. No matter the force and strategy of their operation, good planning and ideas has made a provision for your victory

6. Government policy
The government can limit or even foreclose entry to industries with such controls as license requirements and limits on access to raw materials. Regulated industries like trucking, liquor retailing, and freight forwarding are noticeable examples; more subtle government restrictions operate in fields like skilled -area development and coal mining.

The government also can play a major indirect role by affecting entry barriers through controls such as air and water pollution standards and safety regulations. also read on 12-kind-of-business-you-can-start

7. Physical Fitness/ Passion
sickness disease and all kinds of physical deformities have made some business ideas handicapped and limited them from being the best they can be in business. But like the issue of a man with good business idea and vision but unable to execute the business due to his health situation.

Starting a company is hard and time consuming. If I’m solving a problem I’m passionate about and/or serving a customer segment I enjoy spending time with, my overall quality of life will be higher, and I believe I will be more successful. In starting a company, you inevitably have to ask a lot of people for help. For example, big things like introductions to key people, or for small things like to share your site with their friends. I want to be in a business that I’m proud of and passionate about so I’m motivated to hustle. Many businesses require spending a lot of time with customers, so I’ll want to enjoy that time. Lifestyle is an important factor to me.

I m wondering what other people think about this, tell me about your experience in the comments below”



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