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Nigeria artist Flavor’s in Mali for show but fans cant get enough of him

Nigeria artist Flavor's in Mali for show but fans cant get enough of him
Music star Flavor is as of now in Mali for a show. His fans trooped out to see him perform and a significant number of them were left in tears as they shouted and yelled while he was performing. As per reports, one fan got rang stage to hit the dance floor with Flavor and she was so overpowered. See photographs from the execution underneath.

Flavour - Mali Show-2Flavour - Mali Show-4Flavour - Mali Show-5Flavour - Mali Show-11Flavour - Mali Show-12Flavour - Mali Show-19Flavour - Mali Show-20Flavour - Mali Show-21Flavour - Mali Show-22Flavour - Mali Show-23Flavour - Mali Show-24Flavour - Mali Show-25
Photo Credit: Michael Tube Creations

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