US. NEWS: South Carolina police killed while pursuing gang member

US. NEWS:  South Carolina police killed while pursuing gang member

A South Carolina police officer was shot and killed Friday while pursuing a gang member who ended up shooting himself, authorities said.
Greenville Police Officer Allen Jacobs, 28, and his accomplice were on watch when they spotted Deontea Perry Mackey behind a house in Nicholtown and pulled over for a field meeting, Police Chief Ken Miller said


Rather, Mackey darted and drove officers on a foot pursue behind houses and through woods, as per Greenville Online. Mill operator said Jacobs kept pace with Mackey and around 20 seconds after they called the pursuit in on the radio, a second call came in of an officer down. 
Jacobs was struck various times, regardless of wearing an impenetrable vest. Officers who touched base on the scene gave Jacobs CPR before he was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he later kicked the bucket, as per Greenville Online. 
Mackey kept running from the police, yet was in the long run cornered. Powers said officers saw him calling his mom before turning the firearm on himself. Mill operator said he was recorded as a posse part in a national police information base, yet wouldn’t distinguish the group. 
Jacobs, a beautified Iraq War veteran, abandons a pregnant wife and two youthful children. He was the child of two educators and a four-year veteran of the Greenville Police Department. 
As per WHNS-TV, Miller depicted Jacobs as a “phenomenal individual and officer… He was committed as anyone could be devoted. That is the reason he was out doing what he was doing today.” 
“This is everybody’s most exceedingly bad dream,” Miller said. He was out doing our work. He’s an individual from our group, and he was attempting to keep us safe.” 
Jacobs was a part of the police office’s group outreach program and was attempting to recognize and connect with pack individuals inside Nicholtown. 
A unidentified family companion of Mackey told WHNS-TV that he was a “sweet child” and a “decent child.” 
“I’m appealing to God for him furthermore the officer that lost their life… It’s insane, so insane this happened, yet you simply need to confide in God and trust that he will work it out for you,” she included. 
Police don’t trust officers discharged any shots. Jacobs’ gun was still on his holster when officers arrived. 
A post-mortem examination is planned for Saturday.

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