Jay Z and Beyonce at beyounce Uncle’s funeral in Housto

The force couple went to Beyoncé’s most loved Uncle’s memorial service in Houston. Her Uncle Skip, (real name Lumis Beyoncé) was said to have been near Beyoncé when he was alive. As indicated by his tribute he is made due by his guardians, Agnes Derouen and Lumis Beyoncé Sr.

Jay-Z wife Cynthia Beyonce; children, Terrance Beyoncé and Terrell Beyoncé; girls, Andrea (Stan) Beyoncé, Lynn Beyoncé, Michelle Beyoncé, Dominique (Jimmie) Beyoncé-Hilton; Siblings, Selena Rittenhouse, Roland (Jeanette) Beyoncé, Florence (Jimmy) Hilliard, Larry Beyoncé, and Tina (Knowles) Lawson; a few grandchildren and a large group of relatives.

photograph after the cut…


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