President, Denis Sassou Nguesso Republic of Congo wins New Term After 32 Years aspresident

President, Denis Sassou Nguesso Republic of Congo wins New Term After 32 Years aspresident
The Republic of Congo has closed its ticket mean the presidential election and has reported the officeholder president, Denis Sassou Nguesso, who has put in 32 years in office, as the winner. 

This declaration was made by the Interior Minister, Raymond Zephyrin Mboulou, on national TV on Thursday, where he expressed that the president led the polls with 60 percent in the first round, while the following hopeful, Guy Brice Kolelas, had 15 percent of the votes and General Marie Michel Mokokocame third with somewhat less than 14 percent. 
As indicated by ‘The Guardian’, the president’s adversaries communicated their worry on the validness of the outcomes and rejected them, saying there was “gigantic misrepresentation” and requiring a describe. 
The election were held under a forced correspondences power outage by legislative powers to keep resistance applicants from distributed “illicit results” and would likely stay, as indicated by an administration source, until after the official results. 
Vivien Manangou, Kolelas’ representative, said government powers had raged the applicant’s crusade workplaces on Tuesday, heaving poisonous gas canisters and bringing about a charge. There was likewise said to be overwhelming police and military vicinity in spots where there was resistance fortification. 
This is the 72-year-old’s third term in office and he has been administering the nation since 1979, aside from five years when he away on outcast in Paris from 1992 to 1997.

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