President Buhari vows:Nigerians won’t tolerate Biafra

 Buhari has cautioned that Nigeria won’t endure the resuscitated agitation for Biafra.

He released those peddling the production of Biafra from Nigeria as jokers who are essentially toying with the country’s security.

Buhari in a meeting with Al Jazeera TV amid his late visit to Qatar said: “No less than two million Nigerians were murdered in the Biafra war. Furthermore, for some individual to wake up, might be they weren’t conceived, searching for Biafra after two millions individuals were murdered, they are kidding with the security of the nation. Nigeria won’t endure Biafra.”

He said although government could tolerate peaceful pro-Biafran protests, demand for the creation of Biafra is against the constitution. Buhari also vowed that Nigeria will not be dictated to by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or any external force in the way it runs its economy..

Nigeria, as per him, won’t kowtow to anybody’s recommendation that is not to the greatest advantage of the nation.

Told by his questioner that he was refusing so as to conflict with the direction of the IMF to cheapen the naira, the President countered: “Why not! In the event that it is against our national interest, why wouldn’t we be able to conflict with IMF?”

He tossed all the more light on why he would not consider degrading of the naira for the present, saying: “nations that play around with their coinage are nations that have colossal generation.

“Their foundation is set up. Foundation as far as force, correspondence and security are basically okay. Nigeria for all intents and purposes imports everything from rice to toothpicks. Presently, on the off chance that you don’t have the cash to import those things, what is the point depreciating your naira?”

He focused on the requirement for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to re-strategise in sparing the present unrefined petroleum value emergency.

“OPEC needs to cooperate to spare the circumstance. It has dependably been an intriguing angle, on the off chance that you can deliver less and gain more. We are delivering increasingly and acquiring less. I have never possessed the capacity to comprehend it yet the business sector strengths are impacted by a great deal of political choices, post provincial choices and worldwide choices and we need to live by it,” he said.

OPEC as an association must be aware of the monetary conditions in every part nation since that would impact that nation’s capacity to oblige OPEC’s implied choice. In Nigeria, we can’t differentiate our economy. Consequently, we are considerably more distraught by the lower oil costs. OPEC attempted to help us yet it is essentially our own particular flaw. “

He rejected recommendation that Nigeria may pull back from OPEC.

“Under my authority, Nigeria would not have any desire to pull back. Somewhere around 1976 and 1979, I served as Petroleum Minister. I all that much esteem the foundation of OPEC and I think Nigeria would make the essential moves to stay in OPEC.”

He rejected feedback that his legislature has fizzled in the battle against Boko Haram.

Buhari said that as opposed to what a few individuals say, the limit of dread order to undermine has been enormously decreased and it is not as of now in control of any neighborhood government territory in the Northeast as it used to do.


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