Pictures of ESAMA of Bini Kigdom Gabriel Igbinedion and lucky igbinedion

Lucky Igbinedion’s claim to fame is being the son of a famous man. He is not known for any outstanding contributions as a professional in any field. However, before becoming the Governor of Edo State, this former local government chairman was widely regarded as a playboy. Lucky is the first son of Bini Chief and business mogul, Gabriel Igbinedion. More importantly, Lucky is the two-term Governor of Edo State.

The Esama of Bini Kingdom and founder of Okada Airlines was one of the richest men in Nigeria. His business empire included Okada Air (now moribund), a bank (now distressed), a private boarding school, hospital, car dealership, and an international trading firm. A very flamboyant man, Gabriel Igbinedion, started experiencing a decline in fortunes and was reputed to have been heavily in debt to the tune of billions of naira. However, this trend took a different turn after his first son, Lucky, became the Governor of Edo State.

“Let the rich people in this country also know that there are poor people here who they should help lift up. They should not just stash their money away in Switzerland, they should bring it home and invest and help develop Nigeria as I have done over the years.” These are the words Gabriel Igbinedion delivered at his seventieth birthday anniversary.

It would appear that his son, Lucky Igbinedion, the Governor of Edo State, did not heed his father’s advice. His Kenwood Mansion in London is certainly not an investment that benefits any Nigerian. Kenwood Mansion is what he named his personal home in London. It is located on 29 Sheldon Avenue, N6 4JP. This place, mostly inhabited by upper class members of British society, is described as serene and intimidating.

That’s her grandfather and father, Gabriel and Lucky Igbinedion. 



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