Message to the Nigerian Youth by Charly Boy Oputa

Charly BoyMy Dear Naija Youths,
For some of us, water don pass garri. For many of us, we are stuck in this wilderness with no place to go, no hope for tomorrow. Me, AreaFada, I know what we all are going through right now. Eyes dey see Red. The question many are asking is “Where is the change promised us?” Really, my guys, these are crazy times, and most of us are about to snap. I dey feel una die. I understand your pain, your hopelessness in an environment that has promised so much but delivered so little; with most of our senseless riffraffs called leaders still walking around shamelessly as lords, masters and owners of the land. Una cup don full.

How many of us dey look for jobs wey no dey? See how consistent frustration and stagnation dey destroy many of us! What about the ones who have trashed all the goodness they know dwells in them to become what they themselves don’t know because it has become a deadly rat race and man must survive? I represent you all in this Naija wilderness, filled with so much wickedness. I must confess, I have had periods of extended self-pity, sometimes I have felt conned by this country, some other times I have wished I was still at the prime of my youth so I could take out some of those who have sold our future. Na God go punish dem.
I see how so many of us have lost faith in this country, with many more convinced that there can be no chance of a turnaround, because they see Naija as a lost case. Those that have power and are in power are far too comfortable to notice the pain of those who suffer, and those who suffer have no power to speak the truth to power. On one hand are those corrupted by power, and on the other are those corrupted by weakness and foolish fear. Oh Naija! Which way?
However critical our situation is, it is time for the exceptional Nigerian youth to rescue us, as no country ever develops without breaking away from the clutches of sycophants, mediocrity and narrow-minded mindsets.
The exceptional youth is the one who in-spite of the gory story, woes and disappointments from all nook and cranny, realizes that quitting or giving up on him/herself is not an option. Stand tall even when you have no reason to stand.
However bad things are, I still see rays of light, with the stories of youngsters like Akeem Adeyemo who went on to graduate with best overall result after encountering myriads of challenges academically, socially and financially, Ade I hail.
Another example is Susan Asakpa, who after studying Accounting in the University, combed the streets in search of gainful employment but when there was none, decided to create one by becoming a cabbie.
These are pointers to the fact, that regardless of how bad things are, staying focused, tenacious, and consistent will get us closer to our dreams.
My advice to you therefore, if you feel that you are going through so much shit and it feels like hell, invoke the Charlyboy spirit, like Kazeem Adeyemo and Susan Asakpa, never stop dreaming, keep walking till you get out from the heat of hell and become a point of (GOOD) reference. It is well, weather dem like am or not.

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