it’s only PDP loyalists that is complaining of hardship-Dr Chris Ngige

it's only PDP loyalists that is complaining of hardship-Dr Chris Ngige

Hon Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, says Nigerians who are griping of hardship in this present administration are PDP followers. As indicated by Ngige, this administration which will be denoting it’s first commemoration on May 29th, is working towards the improvement of Nigerians. He said this in a late meeting with The Sun ‎ 

“I don’t recognize what you mean by hardship and those you call Nigerians. Is it true that they are the government common workers getting their month to month pay rates as and when due? We don’t owe them, not by any means stipends and there is no reason they ought to be miserable with the APC govern­ment. Are the okada riders among those griping when they are making energetic organizations or the gradu­ates we will soon address their issue of unemploy­ment after the entry of the budget? Unemployment is the harbinger of Boko Haramism, harbinger of IPO­Bism, OPCism and militancy in the Niger Delta. It is a scourge and genuine sickness condition that we should battle and that is the reason we are in this service and government. We have work creation programs under the supervision of the Vice President and other between ministers that will be taken off soon. When we take off, more finances will be put into the economy. Give us a chance to caution that the funds are not for taking. The main distinction in the middle of APC and PDP is the taking of the loads of gliding funds. Large portions of the tip top were snatching these drifting funds and they are the ones challenging that they are not content with the present government. Those grumbling particularly the first class are individuals or followers of the PDP. We are not annoyed in light of the fact that we are going to proceed with our normal individuals’ system and I need to assured that the tide will soon change. Thus, we are sitting tight for the monetary allowance. Keep in mind that we are not the ones that fitting subsidizes but rather the National Assembly. We have given them budget, done a few modifications and alterations as necessities be in zones where a few individuals attempt to ruin and we are sitting tight until further notice. When they endorse the budget as proposed, we reveal our programmes”he said.


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