International Fashion Showcase, London sonsor by British Council & HeinekenLFDW

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Group Nigeria at IFS, London: Godson Ukaegbu (Editor, Style Mania), Maxivive, Onalaja, Sisiano, Gozel Green and Tobi Idowu (Events Manager, Style House Files) 

A couple of weeks prior, Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) as a team with British Council came back to the International Fashion Showcase, London for the fourth time with LFDW Fashion Focus Designers and Alumni: Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Meena, Gozel Green, Onalaja, Papa Omisore andSisiano. They joined more than 100 planners and custodians from 25 nations to share their adaptations of the Utopia – the topic of IFS 2016. 
Titled “Over the Bleed” and curated by Yegwa Ukpo, the establishment envisioned the imaginative vitality of fashioners as an enormous blast. Enlivened by optical illusions, visitors were constrained to envision a minute when the incomprehensible briefly appears to be genuine. 
Talking on group Nigeria’s presentation, creator, Onalaja said, “We all conveyed something other than what’s expected to speak to group Nigeria, from my defragmented sew dress reminiscent of mud sands in parts of Nigeria to Ejiro’s pieces starting discourses about the different religions that administer such a large number of Nigerians, to Maxivive’s test interpretation of exemplary menswear. Yegwa’s virtual reality video and picture establishment truly stressed the attention on how temporary our ideal world was and how it can be frequently unattainable. The lesson of our show being we architects are all visionaries in our own particular right, we move in the opposite direction of our present reality to another and imaginative anecdotal dream state through the force of our outlines.” 
The International Fashion Showcase, London is situated as a stage used by LFDW in a joint effort with the British Council to engage creatives and interface them to their partners in the UK. Talking on his experience, originator, Sisano commented “IFS 2016 was an astounding background that opened my brain to the unending probability of building a developing brand. There was a considerable measure of systems administration with different fashioners, potential purchasers and the press. It additionally gave me a knowledge into situating my image for the future and persuaded me regarding the sending out circumstances than can be investigated” 
View pictures from IFS, London beneath:
The Designers


Gozel Green

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Ejiro Amos Tafiri
Team Nigeria’s Installation
A cross section of other countries






The International Fashion Showcase (IFS) is a fashion festival organized by the British Council and the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week. IFS, London is presented by Style House Files, founders Lagos Fashion and Design Week in collaboration with The British Council and supported by, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Style Mania Magazine and
Photo Credit: Godson Ukaegbu

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