I give Governor El Rufai 14 days to remember his strides or face the fury of God – Dr Chris Okafor

I give Governor El Rufai 14 days to remember his strides or face the fury of God - Dr Chris Okafor

Well known prophet, Dr. Chris Okafor went under an odd unction on Sunday, March 20, 2016 amid administration at his Liberation City Church home office, when he gave the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai a final offer with respect to his approaching Religious Bill, anticipated that would be passed any minute. 

The man of God began by perusing out the subtle elements of the proposed bill from a cellular telephone and afterward he shouted, “El Rufai, Herod, allow the congregation to sit unbothered!” 

He then went ahead to clarify the potential against christian ramifications of the bill and cautioned that El Rufai was just being utilized to test run something that would later turn into a greater arrangement to Islamize Nigeria, and that if El Rufai is left to proceed with the bill unchallenged, that no less than five more Northern States will take after suite, then all the Northern States lastly, whatever is left of Nigeria. 

Prior to his assemblage of a few thousand admirers and on live TV saw by a large number of individuals in more 160 nations around the globe, he sent a solid cautioning to Governor El Rufaideclaring “It won’t happen in my time… it won’t happen in your time… it won’t be on record that it happened in my time… No! It won’t happen!” to a loud adulation from the assemblage. He then proceeded with “El Rufai require some investment! God is furious with you! You have 14 days to turn around that law or the rage of God will come against you! You ought to tally it, 14 days from today (March 20, 2016), he has 14 days to turn around and negate that law… in the event that he declines to do as such, he ought to expect the anger of God to visit him! 

Addressing columnist who thronged the love focus upon the statements, the man of God said, “I supplicated extremely well, and the Lord instructed me to simply ahead and caution El Rufai. What’s more, I need all of you to number 14 days from the day of the prescience (March 20, 2016). On the off chance that he doesn’t remember his strides and surrender that bill, God will find a way to respect His words. 14 days! If it’s not too much trouble tally it”


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