i am the new AGN President Emeka Ikefollow by the court judgement on Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Jail Sentence

 i am  the new AGN President Emeka Ikefollow by the court judgement on Ibinabo Fiberesima's Jail Sentence
In a meeting with Punch Newspaper’s Saturday Beats, Nollywood actorEmeka Ike is opening up around a considerable measure of things including Ibinabo Fiberesima’s correctional facility term, being the new AGN President and the sky is the limit from there. 

As indicated by the questioner, Emeka Ike said that he has dependably told individuals the AGN seat wasn’t fit for Ibinabo in light of the fact that she had a criminal case in court, however individuals wouldn’t hear him out. 
See his words underneath. 
On being designated the new AGN President: “My triumph at the court has nothing to do with Ibinabo’s issue. This case is distinctive and if Ibinabo is going to go to imprison for my own particular case, they ought to come and implore me. Rather than them to come and beseech me, they are as yet setting off to the press to say a wide range of trash in regards to me. There is still a second correctional facility term for Ibinabo. It is called scorn of court and it would likewise incorporate Segun Arinze. Individuals have debilitated to execute me yet I am not frightened of them. I am sitting tight for them and I would look them in the face and let them know that they are underhanded and I am upright. I didn’t take the issue to the police yet straight to the court and I am cheerful that equity has been served. Anybody that binds Ibinabo’s predicament to my triumph is just attempting to coerce me and I know they would not quit extorting me. By what method would anyone be able to say that I sent Ibinabo to imprison? Am I the Giwa family or the administration? 
On Ibinabo’s prison term: How would I be able to be upbeat that Ibinabo has been sentenced to imprison? I feel awful. The general population saying that I am cheerful in regards to the sentence are really Ibinabo’s foes. This is a woman that was utilized on account of the forces she could earn and control. A few individuals were utilizing her and now that they have destroyed her, they are as yet utilizing her as a part of jail. Ibinabo could never say that Emeka Ike sent her to prison, it is unthinkable in light of the fact that she knows why she arrives. What I was just telling Nigerians is that individuals of Ibinabo’s status don’t challenge for any open office. Should we quit coming clean? She had a criminal issue in court. How about we leave assumptions, we must be reasonable. I can’t be upbeat about her pickle since it is fairly grievous that she is encompassed by the wrong individuals and counsels; she was encompassed by sycophants. Rather than them to advise her how to take care of her issue, they were pushing her to prison and now that she is in prison, they won’t allow her to sit unbothered. Why did they not encourage her to frame a group and go to Giwa’s gang house and move on the floor for pardoning? They could have sent her away for quite a long time however they would not send her away until the end of time. We are a social individuals, I am certain that in the wake of going more than once, a senior in the family would argue for her sake and say something like, ‘our child is dead and nothing can bring him back, let us simply overlook her.’ She ought to have been extremely contrite yet she wasn’t. We told Nigerians that a few of us would not concur but rather they started to call us names since we took the matter to court.

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