DSS ‘attacks Ekiti STATE of Assembly, arrested 4 lawmakers

Authorities of the State Security Service{DSS} on Friday attacked the Ekiti State House of Assembly and captured four Legislatures, the speaker of the house said Saturday, blaming the presidency of plotting to impeach the defiant governor of the state, Ayo Fayose Ayo Fayose.

DSS 'attacks Ekiti STATE of Assembly, arrested 4  lawmakers

Mr. Fayose has been a outspoken critic of President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress-drove government.

The speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Kola Oluwawole, who identifies with journalists , blamed President Buhari for conveying state apparatus to mortify the resistance, and constrain individuals from the opposition so as to impeach Gov Ayo Fayose.

He said the DSS’ intrusion of the Assembly was an edgy endeavor by APC to destabilize Mr. Fayose’s administration and strongly impeach him from office.

Giving subtle elements of the attack, Mr. Oluwawole said the SSS authorities, numbering 10, attacked the assembly unpredictable on Friday evening and captured the four officials.

By, contact must be set up with Afolabi Akanni, the part representing  Efon Constituency following six hours of his capture, while the whereabouts of others were still obscure.

The speaker, who might not name the other three law Makers captured, said the SSS agents discharged shots into the air, bringing about frenzy among individuals and staff, who rush in various bearings.

He said the state office of the SSS affirmed that the agents were sent from Abuja.

“Toward the end of the hullabaloo made by this brutal demonstration, we found that four of our individuals couldn’t be discovered,” he said.

“It was just today that we could build up that Hon. Afolabi Akanni, representing to Efon Constituency was snatched and taken to Abuja. Whereabouts of three different individuals is still obscure at this very moment, and purposes behind the intrusion and arrest of our members are not known.

“In any case, we got it on great power that the script now being acted by the SSS is a piece of the APC and President Buhari’s secret plot to disable the Ekiti State Government by capturing and keeping top functionaries of the administration.

“We know that 18 of our individuals have been penciled down for badgering and the course of action is to irritate them to accommodation, with a perspective to pressuring them into marking an effectively arranged notification of prosecution of the Governor and his agent.

“We accordingly wish to tell the APC agents of political precariousness this time around, this House of Assembly won’t be accessible for any corrupt utilize,” the speaker said.
 persecution from any government agency, including the SSS, alleging that the act was a product of Mr. Buhari’s political vendetta and an attempt to muzzle the opposition.
“Nigeria is not a banana republic that can be ruled anyhow by anyone and Mr. Lawal Daura (from Katsina) and his men, who are playing exactly the same role played between 1984 and 1985 by the National Security Organisation (NSO) under Lawal Rafindadi (from Katsina) should know that this reign of brute force over constitutional democracy will fail,” he added.

“Nigeria is not a banana republic that can be administered at any rate by anybody and Mr. Lawal Daura (from Katsina) and his men, who are assuming the very same pretended somewhere around 1984 and 1985 by the National Security Organization (NSO) under Lawal Rafindadi (from Katsina) ought to realize this rule of animal power over protected vote based system will come up short,” he included.

While responding to the improvement, Mike Ozekhome, a senior advocate of Nigeria, the assault by the SSS and the capture of the legislatures was exceptionally condemnable.

Mr. Ozekhome likewise said the activity of the security agents was tyrannical and undemocratic.

“A House of Assembly is consecrated and hallowed and ought to never be befouled on any record,” he said.

“The DSS is principally in charge of security matters and for knowledge gathering inside of Nigeria, for the insurance of senior government authorities, the president and state governors. It is neither the police nor EFCC.

“The intrusion is more inquisitive and abhorrent, happening as it did, in Ekiti state, where the senator, Ayodele Fayose, has been a surely understood faultfinder of President Muhammadu Buhari, his administration t and his gathering, APC.

“The impression must not be given that the present government which rode to control on the peak of prevalent resistance and basic dispute is gagging restriction, or frightening and scaring the individuals who hold diverse assessmentsDSS ‘attacks Ekiti STATE of Assembly, arrest individuals’


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