Between On Kachikwu and Adesina – By Doyin Okupe

femi  adesina

Former presidential aide Doyin Okupe shared this article on his Facebook page. Read below…

I am not APC and never will be. I am not looking for employment and certainly not in an APC government. I Dont believe in APC, its leadership or policies.

But at my age, with the over 35yrs experience I have gathered in Nigerian politics and haven served in the Presidency twice, I believe I should at all times, try and share whatever little knowledge I may have towards helping to build a better Nation no matter who is at the helm of the affairs.

Nigeria ,Nigerians and Stake holders cannot afford to standby allow errors to be made only to turn round later and use it for political gains.
Now back to the subject matter.

The Hon minister for petroleum appears to me to be strictly a professional CEO. I believe, from my little research of what he has silently done to restructure and refocus the company,that definitely he knows what he is doing. But he is completely in the dark when it comes to politics or information management. And this of necessity must be so. I will personally advice the minister to employ a good public relations man and a good communicator who manages the company’s interface with the public and media. Let the minister do his job of policy formulation and executive management of the NNPC in which he appears supremely competent.

As for Mr femi Adeshina, he definitely made an unpardonable slip. But should we hang him for it? NO.!!

Being a spokeman for a government is not one of the best jobs you want to do especially in difficult times like this.

Many times you are overburdened by your passion and commitment for your principal and as a human being you simply flip when you find yourself in a tight spot. In my career I have flipped and slipped severally,that is why I understand where femi Is coming from.

When you work very closely with the number 1 citizen in the country and you are privy to his thoughts, actions, and challenges, it takes divine wisdom, maturity and forbearance to hold your own if you feel the public is not appreciative of all the efforts the government is making. The mistake we all make under these circumstances is that, members of the public are not privy to what is being done behind the scene and neither are they interested.

All the people want to see is results not efforts.

I believe femi knows where he went wrong. I have known and interacted with him for several years. He is not haughty and would never have contrived to insult the sensibilities of the Nigerian public. It is a goal down but the game has just started

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