2Shotz message to his little daughter on her her 1st Birthday

After the dismal disclosures around 2Shotz and his wife Precious Jones’ marriage, the rapper has now composed this public statement to his girl for her first birthday. 

He shared it by means of his Instagram page; 
My dear little girl… I called u chidiebube for an immense reason… .I have been denied watching ur conception and just saw u 6 months after… .and ive just seen u once in my life… .you have been grabbed far from me and there has been a lotta lies advised to d open just to upgrade keeping u far from me… it harms me that I won’t be available for this first one… I miss u so much… it harms me dat i might never be available in ur adolescence to show u a ton as a father… I needed u to be my ride or kick the bucket n bestfriend … I needed soooo numerous tins for u..but my hands are tied..for now… however i have kept noiseless for a gigantic reason n let God be marvelous in ur life for me… wherever u run God will be with you and ensure you… 
on the off chance that at whatever point you grow up and search for me… .let it be known not that daddy is a well known man… request me and let somebody who sees this some place by one means or another demonstrate this to u… and i will hold up to see you again and tell u my side of the entire story… if u have siblings and sisters by then..they will be told about you… ..and realize that daddy contended truly energetically for you… will even now 
I compose this in tears n happiness at d same time… dependably are an ORIOHA… ..and we cherish you… .particularly grandad, grandmother, uncle muna and close relative chichi… and daddy adores and will dependably cherish you..forver… .. 
Glad 1ST BIRTHDAY bubu… might God favor and ensure you for me. with affection – DADDY-

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