We need Good Manager to handle our business. not family business as usual- Psquare

PSquare have been managed by
their older brother Jude Okoye for what seems like forever
but last night Peter Okoye voiced
his anger over how poorly Jude has been managing PSquare, especially in the
past four years.
to Peter, it appears that he has issues with their manager who happens to be
their older brother, Jude Okoye. One of his issues as mentioned in his tweets
below, seem to be the lack of a proper business structure and according to his
tweets, Peter wants P-Square to part ways with Jude Okoye on the management
side of things.
his tweets below.

What a year so far! The entertainment industry is going crazy so far! Peter Okoye of P-Square took to twitter a few hours ago to address some issues that’s been disturbing for a while about his and his brother’s mega group. He blames all their problems on management and insists they must go! See his tweets after the cut…

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