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The Supreme Court on Friday certified capital punishment went on the General-Overseer of the Christian Praying Assembly, Chukwuemeka Ezeugo (otherwise known as Rev. Ruler), by a Lagos High Court in Ikeja on January 11, 2007, for homicide and endeavored homicide of some of his church members in 2006. 

Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, a.k.a Reverend King ,the General Overseer of Lagos-based Christian Praying Assembly, yesterday lost an eight year fight in court to spare his neck from the executioner’s noose after the Supreme Court demanded he should keep a date with the killer. 

The summit court asserted the conviction and capital punishment given to him by the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja, on January 11, 2007 for endeavored murder and murder. 

Equity Joseph Oyewole, now of the Court of Appeal, had discovered him blameworthy of setting burning six individuals from his congregation on July 22, 2006. 

One of casualties, Ann Uzoh, passed on 11 days after the fact in a medicinal office from the smolders she maintained. 

The Court of Appeal, Lagos Division, in a judgment conveyed by Justice Fatimo Akinbami on February 1, 2013, confirmed the judgment of the High Court. 

Equity Sylvester Ngwuta, who read the Supreme Court’s lead judgment of the consistent choice of a five-man seat yesterday said: “Realities of this case could have been lifted from a blood and gore movie.” 

Checking on the case before his decision, Ngwuta said: “It was concurred by gatherings that the appealing party was the General Overseer of the Christian Praying Assembly (CPA) with base camp in Ajao Estate, Lagos. It was likewise concurred that he had a father-child/girl association with the casualties of the occurrence. Also, this is the point where they withdraw: 

“The indictment’s case is that the appealing party blamed six for his kin (adherents) of corrupt conduct. He assembled them, beat each of them with hard questions and after the beating, he gathered them first floor, made them stoop down, limped together and he made petrol be poured on them, and he lit up a portable fire stick and tossed same at them. 

“They all supported different degrees of smolders. While five of them got away. The 6th individual, who later passed on, endured 65 for every penny degree smolders. You can envision what she experienced in her last days at the healing center. 

“The appealing party denied this. In any case, said however he rebuffed them for improper conduct, the discipline was not quite the same as the occurrence that brought forth the charge. He said they (the casualties) supported wounds when a producing set blasted. That was his case. Be that as it may, all through the procedures (trial), this secretive creating set was never delivered. 

“The trial High Court indicted him as charged. Also, on each of numbers one to five, he was sentenced to 20 years detainment which was to run simultaneously. On the 6th number of homicide, he was sentenced to death by hanging. 

“He was disappointed with the judgment and spoke to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal rejected the bid and insisted the judgment of the trial court. Also, he spoke to this court. 

“Twelve issues were refined from the grounds of claim. The respondents had nine issues. The nine issues were included in the appealing party’s 12 issues. 

“I chose to decide the bid on those 12 issues. I considered each of them and toward the end, I arrived at the conclusion that the advance has no legitimacy. 

“Having considered every one of the contentions by educated insight for the gatherings notwithstanding the records, I resolve the 12 issues planned by the appealing party against him. Therefore, I hold that the claim is dispossessed of legitimacy and it is released. The judgment of the Court of Appeal, which attested the judgment of the trial court, is thusly certified. 

“The jail terms for endeavored homicide are no more applicable and are disapproved in perspective of capital punishment therefore asserted. Bid released.” 

Ruler must be saved from hanging, if the Lagos State Governor chooses to drive capital punishment to detainment. 

Then, the Lagos State Government on Friday hailed the decision of the Supreme Court. The State Government, through the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, said the judgment was another affirmation of the earnestness of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s organization to be definitive in battling wrongdoing in the state. An announcement marked by the Deputy Director, Public Affairs Office, Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Bola Akingbade, cited the official as saying, “This is simply one more affirmation that the legislature of his Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, will be extremely solid on battling wrongdoing. Wherever a wrongdoing is carried out, regardless of to what extent it takes, the legislature of Lagos State will guarantee that the culprits of this wrongdoing face equity in the end. 

“I salute the Supreme Court for this scholarly judgment and I need to guarantee people in general that we will proceed and we won’t yield in our battle to make Lagos a more secure, secure and more prosperous state.” 

In December 2015, the summit court, managed by Justice Walter Onoghen, had dismissed for judgment in the wake of engrossing contentions from direction to arraignment and safeguard in the matter.


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