Rev.king’s death Sentence brought on by witches, wizards-Church members claim

Members of Christian Praying Assembly (CPA) which was hitherto run by Chukwuemeka Ezeugo aka Reverend King, who was last Friday condemned to death by the Supreme court, have alleged that the apex’s court final decision on the murder charges against him was the handiwork of witches and wizards

According to the Nation, during the first church service after the Supreme Court decision at the Lagos headquarters of the church yesterday February 28th, one of the church Pastors, Ifeanyi King, who preached said
Last Friday’s affirmation of the demise sentenced went on General overseer of the Christian Praying Assembly (CPA) Chukwuemeka Ezeugo (otherwise known as Rev. king), has been credited to the workmanship of witches and wizards by his congregation members. 

The memberss likewise reaffirmed their conviction that Rev. king will be saved the executioner’s noose and “come back to go along with us.” 

The so called pastor was sentenced to death in 2007 for the smoldering to death of an individual from his congregation in 2006. He bid the judgment and lost under the watchful eye of the pinnacle court fixed his destiny last Friday. 

Yet, yesterday amid the main church administration after the Supreme Court choice at the Lagos base camp at Ajao Estate, off the Murtala Muhammad Airport Road, Pastor Ifeanyi King, who preach aid: “Our G.O. (General Overseer) the most heavenliness, Rev King, is returning. He said he would return and we trust the expressions of his mouth. We trust his report that he is returning. Everything happening now we know is the workmanship of witches and wizard. Before long another story will develop.” 

The evangelist included: “Whether individuals acknowledge it or not, everyone now knows his blessedness, our G.O. Rev King. The front pages of daily papers are overflowed with his name. Individuals are longing to peruse about him in the online networking. I can affirm to you that by all these, many people have ended up charmed to him. Our Daddy G.O. might live perpetually for us in Jesus name.” 

To each word he expressed, there was an ensemble of Amen by the assemblage. They sang songs and moved to check “the birthday of the G.O.” His capital punishment was affirmed on his birthday last Friday. 

Minister Ifeanyi, brandished a shaved head and facial hair like Pastor lord. Various male in the assembly likewise showed up similarly. The greater part of the ministers additionally utilize the name King as substitute for their surname.


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