Femi Fani-Kayode;- Private Individuals And Companies gave me money not from $2.1B Arms money

I read with amusement the allegation that was made in
SaharaReporters, the unofficial media wing of the Buhari administration,
Nigeria’s Secret Police, the DSS, and the EFCC, that I was given 1.7
billion naira cash by President Goodluck Jonathan. This is false. A few
hours later they changed their story and said that I received 1.7
billion naira from the office of the former NSA, Colonel Sambo Dasuki.
This is also false.

I have never received one kobo from President Jonathan himself,
Colonel Dasuki or any other member of President Jonathan’s government. I
have not ever been in receipt of any public funds and neither was I the
beneficiary of any payments in cash, transfer, cheque or otherwise from
any government official during the tenure of President Jonathan.

As Director of Media and Publicity of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign
organisation I received money on behalf of the Directorate of Media and
Publicity which I headed from private individuals and companies during
the election campaigns but these were not public funds but rather
private contributions specifically for the Presidential and other

Such moneys were transferred into my account by the Director of
Finance of the Presidential Campaign Organisation and that account was
SPECIFICALLY set up for the purpose of running the publicity and media
aspect of the campaign for the whole country and my Directorate.

These private individuals and companies paid their contributions into
a designated account which was provided and controlled by the Director
of Finance and from there she transferred it to the accounts of the
various Directors and various individuals that were running for public
office that the PCO supported.

The money that was sent to me for my Directorate by the Director of
Finance was used in a lawful and responsible manner and by the time the
campaigns were over my Directorate had paid all of its bills for
services rendered and was not owing any media house or anyone else one

The Presidential candidate of our party President Goodluck Jonathan,
the D-G of the PCO, the Auditor of the PCO, the Advisor to the PCO and
the Director of Finance of the PCO all received reports and saw the
results of the efforts of my Directorate. Not only were they satisfied
with our efforts but they also commended us.

Those private individuals and companies that were kind enough to
support and fund President Jonathans presidential campaign with their
hard earned money were perfectly within their rights to do so and they
were more than happy with our efforts as well.

They also commended us. Even though we ended up losing the election
we fought a very virile, strong, visible, historic and aggressive
campaign and the Nigerian people can attest to this. The encounter with
the APC was an epic one and it was probably the most active and
gruelling electoral battle in the history of our country.

Not one kobo of public funds was spent by or given to my Directorate
during the campaign and as far as I am aware not one kobo of public
funds was spent by or given to the PCO. Presidential campaigns all over
the world cost huge amounts of money and Nigeria is no different.

This is especially so when it comes to publicity and media. My
Directorate was difficult to run and our work was capital intensive. We
did not use marshmallows, pebbles, and grass to pay for all the services
rendered to us and all the television and newspaper adverts were fully
paid for with money.

Nothing was done or given to us free of charge by anyone. This should
not be a surprise to anyone as the APC and President Buhari’s campaign
organisation did the same.

I opened an account specifically for the funds that were used to run
my Directorate and fund all our activities in order to ensure
accountability and transparency.

We also audited our accounts regularly and insisted on the highest
level of professionalism from all those that worked for or with us.

Since when such matters have become a crime or subjects of criminal
investigations I don’t know. If it was a crime to speak up for Jonathan
during the campaign they should just say so.

If it is a crime to be a member of the PDP and to be in opposition
they should just say so. If it is a crime to speak up for and defend
President Jonathan and key members of his government after he has left
office they should just say so.

If it is a crime to oppose the Buhari administration and speak up
against his gross violations of human rights that they are indulging in
and the violation of court orders they should just say so.
During the
2015 elections the PCO and my Directorate spoke up and campaigned for
many PDP members who were running for public office and we funded and
worked for them too. That was our job and I am very proud of the PCO and
the role we all played despite limited resources.

I am particularly proud of the efforts of my team at the Directorate
and I can assure all those that care to listen and that refuse to be
misled by the government propaganda machine that we did nothing wrong.
All we did was run an effective campaign and we did so with private
funds and not funds from the government.

I am aware of the attempt by the government and my enemies to
discredit me, smear my name and silence me by alleging all manner of
wrongdoing but I am not in the least bit perturbed. As always my
innocence will fight for me and my God will never forsake me.

I know that this government is capable of doing anything, of inducing
anyone to say anything and that they have no sense of decency, justice
or fair play. They are prepared to charge anyone just for breathing the
air if needs be and they can attempt to frame up anyone that they
believe is a thorn in their flesh.

I have always known this yet I refuse to run away or to be silenced
and I will not be cowered. Though I have been warned and told over and
over again by those amongst them who care for my well being that I have
been listed down and targeted for persecution I am not in the least bit
concerned about their evil plans for me. My life and destiny is in the
hands of God and not theirs and He will fight for me and vindicate me.

As I have always said, the night may be dark but joy comes in the
morning. If it was a crime to use moneys that were freely donated by
private individuals from lawful and legitimate sources to fund the
Presidential and other campaigns let them say so.

No election campaign anywhere in the world, including that of
President Buhari was run with just words, goodwill, grass and pebbles
and neither were we given free campaign adverts or air time. All these
things were run and paid for with large sums of money.

This is especially so with publicity and media because that was the
lifeblood of the various campaigns. I repeat, there is nothing that we
did in the campaign organisation or that my Directorate did that Lai
Mohammed, Buhari and the APC did not do in theirs. As a matter of fact
they spent far more than we did but I have no idea where they got their
money and whether they were private or public funds.

Most importantly my Directorate and, as far as I am aware, the
Jonathan Sambo Presidential Campaign Organisation did not receive ANY
public funds from any government official or office to run our campaign.
Of this I am absolutely sure and I am very confident because I made a
point of asking and insisting that this must be so. These are the facts
and I eagerly await my accusers, persecutors and detractors.

Meanwhile I shall continue to live my life in peace, I shall not be
intimidated by the boastful threats of the enemy and I will continue to
live my life in the usual law-abiding manner that I have always done.
is expedient and necessary for me to speak out now even though the EFCC
has not said a word on this matter or even confirmed that there is
indeed an investigation going on. This is because the modus operandii of
the Commission of late is to leak their intentions to SaharaReporters
before they strike and abduct their victims.

This has happened on a number of occasions and sadly they use such
mediums to tell all manner of lies about the case and the accused to the
public. By the time they finish they would have convicted their victim
in a vicious smear campaign and media trial which is usually plagued and
fuelled by lies and falsehood.

It is for this reason that I have taken this opportunity, whilst I am
still at liberty, to tell the Nigerian people the truth and let them
have all the facts. I sincerely hope that my statement will help to
clarify matters in the eyes of the public regardless of whatever lies
that they will soon be inundated with by a desperate, weak and wicked
government. I fear them not because my life is in God’s hands. God bless

-Femi-Fani Kayode tweets from @realFFK.


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