We executed seven Shiite Muslims to spare Buratai’s life – Army

The Nigerian Army has said it executed seven individuals from Shiite faction in Zaria, Kaduna State and injured 10 different individuals from the gathering while repulsing an assault by the gathering against the escort of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.- Gen. Tukur Buratai, on Saturday.

The armed force said the shooting by the troops going with the COAS’ caravan was “in accordance with Rules of Engagement” – and went for sparing the life of the COAS from “vigorously equipped” individuals from the Sheik Ibrahim El-Zazaky-drove Shiite order.

The armed force’s variant of the contention was contained in the “Event Report” arranged by the Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police and connected to a request presented by the workplace of the COAS to the home office of the National Human Rights Commission in Abuja on Monday.

The December 14, 2015 appeal with the title, ‘Letter of dissension against Shiite group assault on the Chief of Army Staff’, and with reference number NA/COAS/G1/52 was marked by Col. F.U Mijinyawa for the benefit of the COAS.

The appeal which was tended to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Prof. Bem Angwe, who got the delegate of the COAS in his office, Maj.- Gen. Adamu Abubakar , on Monday.

“This is sent for your data and vital activity,” the appeal expressed.


The appeal expressed that more than 500 individuals from the organization surged out to blockade the street while the COAS was en route from Dutse to pay tribute to Emir of Zazzau before continuing to go to the Passing Our Parade of the 73 Regular Recruit Intake.

The event report with reference number HQ NACMP/G1/300167 point by point how the Shiite bunch “vigorously blockaded” the street, purportedly keeping the guard of the COAS to go through for a politeness visit to the Emir of Zazzau.

The report expressed that individuals from the organization were “vigorously equipped with unsafe weapons, going from long swords, blades, knifes, sticks, iron poles to sling” at around 2.30pm on Saturday around the Polo/Golf Court on Sokoto Road where they mounted the blockade in Zaria.

It included that the gathering resisted the warriors’ notice shots and had professedly begun pulling unsafe weapons towards the troops while additionally wanting to dispatch a “petrol bomb” assault against the COAS’ escort.

The report expressed, “Be that as it may, troops were careful about the gathering being equipped with firearms. A few individuals from the COAS company landed to approach the equipped gathering to converse with them to evacuate the blockade to permit free entry.

“All supplications failed to receive any notice as they demanded that they needed to contact their pioneer, El-Zazaki, before the COAS would be permitted entry.

“Then again, as this was going on, obscure, to the caravan, a portion of the individuals from the gathering had situated themselves at vital areas around the region. A couple of the gathering individuals had begun creeping in the congested grasses by the roadside towards the COAS vehicle with the goal to assault the vehicle with petrol bomb.

“In this way, they all of a sudden depended on shooting shots from the bearing of the mosque and pulling unsafe weapons towards the troops. Regardless of the troops discharging cautioning shots, the El-Zazaki’s gathering kept endeavoring to produce towards the troops.

“The troops promptly reacted in accordance with Rules of Engagement as the life of the VIP (COAS) was genuinely debilitated.

“Troops needed to shoot their way through up to the Zaria Post Office territory by PZ to give a protected hall to the COAS and the caravan to go through before the landing of the support from Depot NA.

“The COAS then continued to the Emir’s royal residence for the politeness visit before moving to Depot NA to audit the 73 RRI Passing Out Parade.

“Spin-off of the above, around seven of the individuals from the gathering were shot dead and the COAS coordinated that the 10 injured be cleared to the Depot NA Medical Center for treatment while all show things, for example, swords, blades, mobile phones are recouped from the scene.”

The report expressed that the show things were given over to the Nigeria Police.

“Besides, the Nigerian Army School of Military Police Provost Admin Coy was coordinated to research alongside the Nigeria Police,” the event report expressed.

It included that a definite report would be sent to the commission when the examination was finished up.

Accordingly, Angwe guaranteed the guests that the NHRC would direct point by point autonomous examination concerning the episod

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