Sri Lankan house keeper saved capital punishment in Saudi Arabia infidelity case

Sri Lankan maid who was sentenced to be stoned in an adultery case in Saudi Arabia has been spared from this mode of horrific death sentence.
Instead the convict has been sentenced to three year jail time after several appeals made by the Sri Lankan government.  Harsha De Silva, Sri Lankan acting foreign minister said in a statement,.
The government of Sri Lanka is very happy to announce that the appeal for clemency on the sentence was successful and the sri Lankan national will have to serve a reduced term in prison”.

The 45-year-old married woman who served as a domestic helper in Riyadh since 2013 was accused of adultery with another fellow Sri Lankan migrant worker and sentenced to a harsh punishment of stoning to death while the accomplice was given a lesser punishment of 100 lashes only as he was not married.
Though there were no immediate comments from Saudi Arabia on the clemency reports and the announcement made by Sri Lankan authorities.