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Four Corners Alliance Group is a
subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC set up to provide a legal and
ethical wealth creation platform for a variety of experience levels in everyday
people – wherever they happen to live.
The world around us is changing at
an ever increasing pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our economies —
and reflected in our jobs and in our lives. Our very survival depends on the
ability to “ride the wave” safely.
Our mission in Four Corners Alliance
Group: to provide a safe and secure place where a life changing income can be
built – FAST!
If you’re like us, you’re tired of the inconsistencies of the online business world and have been looking for a much needed solution to the real challenges faced by hardworking people the
world over on a daily basis. At 4Corners we’ve found that solution.
Our goal is to help you generate the cash flow you need to finally achieve your financial dreams. We start by helping you create a monthly income stream that’s big enough to reduce the
anxiety of “day to day” living costs.
We accomplish this goal by providing
cutting edge financial products, the solid, user-friendly platform and the
savvy real-world expertise of veterans in online business, finance and
marketing, all in one place and all geared towards making your experience an
empowering and productive one.
We look forward to working with you.
We help you to become more than RICH
… we help you to become WEALTHY!
Four Corners Alliance
Group – also known as 4Corners is a Subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group
LLC., a fully registered company.
Our corporate mailing
address is:-

Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC
5550 Painted Mirage Rd
Suite 320
Las Vegas, NV 89149 U.S.A.
Our IT and Support Departments
are second to none. With a vested interest in the business, it is to everyone’s
advantage that things run as smoothly as possible.
With our IT Department
working diligently in the background and our Support Team dealing directly with
your queries, we look to provide you with the best possible experience
Corners Administration
davidDavid Harrison – C.E.O.
In March of 2013, Four Corners
Alliance Group was launched. For David Harrison, this was a dream come true. He
was now finally able to utilize his years of experience in business management,
software design, programming and a passion for personal financial development.
David started his career as a
musician in his late teens and early twenties. He learned at a very early age
that very few musicians had the business skill set to make music a viable
career. However, he was able to harness his love for music by landing a job for
one of the largest musical instrument retailers in Australia. He quickly
obtained the position as manager where he was placed in charge of sales and
technical support. He also spent four years managing a luxury seasonal hotel in
the Australian ski fields that focused on customer service and catered
exclusively to the families of celebrities, business magnates, and governmental
His network marketing experience
began in the year 2000 when David signed up as a Herbalife Distributor. From
his past retail experience, he quickly was able to retail products along with
the ability to build a network marketing distributorship base that reached as
far as Thailand. With his technical background, he immediately saw the
potential for using the internet as a means of promoting an online business. He
became an avid student of internet marketing, web copy writing, web design,
search engine optimization, and lead generation. To this day, he understands
the importance and continues to study the latest information on internet and
network marketing.
In 2002, David met his wife while
they were mutually promoting several online businesses. After a year of
carrying on a long distance relationship, he decided to move to the United
States from Australia, where they were married several months after he arrived.
David returned to his technical
roots in programming from his Atari, Commodore, and IBM days when asked by an
acquaintance to save his broken network marketing compensation plan. Word of
mouth spread and David was offered limited partnership interests in other
network marketing companies as head of their Technical Department.
David became extremely frustrated at
this time as he observed first hand the lack of business skills and downright
naivety by the Founders of these network marketing companies when it came to
running a successful business. He saw that failure for these companies was
inevitable. He felt that it was now time to forage ahead on his own and create
a company whose goals focused on teaching people how to build long term
financial security for themselves. Thus, Four Corners Alliance Group was born.
To meet the financial goals of the
company, David enlisted the aid of his friend and financial expert, Jim
Yarbrough, to write five books for the project. Jim provides a wealth of
information through not only his many years of experience in the private
consulting arena but has also managed investment portfolios for large
To meet the technical demands of the
company, David enlisted the aid of two highly qualified programmers to write
the initial software and to provide ongoing development of that software along
with technical support. They have provided their exceptional programming skills
for both small and large companies alike.
To meet the customer relations and
support demands, David enlisted the aid of a consultant who has 26 years of
experience in running their own retail and wholesale operation. They also
possess a strong background in accounting and finance and have been in the
consulting business since 2007.YOU CAN CONTACT FRANK FOR FURTHER DETAILS,