In misleading, funny resistance, Senate says 109 congresspersons need N4.7billion autos for Committee transport

The Nigerian Senate

The Nigerian Senate has reacted to a select report presenting its arrangement to wrongfully spend an expected N4.7 billion on fascinating autos for its President, Bukola Saraki, and 108 different individuals.In an announcement by its representative, Aliyu Abdullahi, on Sunday, the upper authoritative chamber guaranteed the vehicles being secured were for board assignments.

“The vehicles are not implied for individual Senators,” Mr. Abdullahi said. “They are acquired for the utilization of the panels.”

Mr. Abdullahi did not clarify the sort of board of trustees work that requests each of our 109 congresspersons to have singular autos.

He additionally did not say what the Senate committee to do with the 11 autos that would be left after the 120 autos are appropriated to Senators.

Councils of the National Assembly are known not for oversight obligations in transports, and not in individual autos.

The individuals who ought to know have told the house  that the buy of the autos in the appearance of purchasing it for councils is a ploy to evade the monetisation arrangement of government which precludes the buy of authority autos for open authorities.

Under the approach, no new vehicles ought to be acquired by any organization of government for use by open authorities.

Maybe, open officers and political office holders are to get 250 for every penny of their yearly fundamental pay as engine vehicle credit, which means N5.07 million for every representative.

Our sources at the National Assembly said the Senators got these advances before additionally continuing to get these new Toyota Land Cruisers.

The Senate representative additionally said the autos in Mr. Saraki’s escort are old to the point that they are asking for substitution.

it was learnt that the autos were just supplied in the blink of an eye before the end of the last administrative session in June.

Mr. Abdullahi did not likewise clarify why 10 autos were being purchased for Mr. Saraki when the law accommodates six autos for him.

Read full statement by the Senate below.

Project Vehicles for Committee Work, says Senate

The Senate today (Sunday) dismissed the reports by an online medium,
Premium Times seeking to present the upper legislative body as
insensitive for proposing to purchase vehicles for the use of members,
as it stated that the project vehicles that are to be purchased are
meant for the execution of committee assignments.
In a statement by its spokesperson, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, the
Senate said the automobiles are part of the necessities which the
institution usually provide to committees to enable them function
without depending on external bodies for effective performance of
oversight functions.
“The vehicles are not meant for individual Senators. They are purchased for the use of the committees.
“For those who may want to find out what happened to the ones bought
in the past, we cannot expect that after four years, the vehicles will
still be in the condition to effectively serve the present committees.
The best practice in government institutions and even private
organizations is for official vehicles allocated to top officials after
four years of use to be sold at the depreciated value”, Abdullahi
“We have been very frugal, responsive and responsible in our
spendings. We have also cut down on several expenses. However, there are
certain expenses and purchases that are normal in government and any
organisation generally. The legislature is not an exception.
“With respect to the official vehicles of the Senate President, it
should be noted that majority of the vehicles in his convoy are his
personal vehicles while some of the vehicles that he inherited,
including his official vehicles and the back up car, are so old that
they are already developing faults and not fit for long journey. We can
recall that on several occasions, his official car broke down. Three
instances will suffice here. I remember on a visit to Nasarawa state for
a wedding of the daughter of a colleague. Other occasions were at the
National Mosque three weeks ago and at the Abuja airport.
“The implication is that the vehicles in his official convoy are so
old that they are already causing embarrassment for the Senate. The
media should know that a man of his antecedent will not at this point be
excited with purchase of new cars. His official cars are really long
overdue for replacement.

“The media should avoid deliberately portraying the legislature as
irresponsible and inciting the people against it. We seek the
understanding of the media to explain issues and situations to the
people. Both the media and the legislature have different roles to play
in sustaining our democracy and none should be seen to be undermining
the other”, Aliyu stated.
Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi
Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Publicity

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