How to Make your marriage work and be happy

A beautiful marriage involves falling in love many times over with the same partner. You too can make your union work by learning from these celebrity couples

All marriages maneuver through rough patches. Some don’t survive long enough to come out the other side unscathed.

Here are 10 ways to keep your marriage alive.

1-Keep the opposite sex at bay

When you are happily married, it reflects in all your dealings especially with the opposite sex. I acknowledge the pressure of staying married as a popular face. I also think that fans need to be less judgmental of celebrity unions but pray relentlessly for the success of celebrity marriages.

2.Contribute your quota

My husband is very talented and his fashion brand, VENDRIKA, clothes me. I also encourage him to be more active and visible in the entertainment industry. He has helped me produce some of my radio shows and web TV show, which will soon debut on my YouTube channel.

3.Jealousy is a silent killer

I understand the demands of her job and I know it is impossible to shield her completely away from the opposite sex. I also know that jealously is a silent killer. I subdue any jealous tendencies by watching her movies.

4.Marriage is for better for worse

I was not scared of loosing my wife after I was involved in a fatal accident. I still have my swag, with or without the accident. I knew I married a good woman and she was quite supportive. My mother was supportive as well. After the accident, she came to the hospital and almost broke into tears but she was strong and kept praying. My wife looked at my face, hands, and even opened my boxer shorts to check if my manhood was intact. I never expected her to leave me

Challenges are normal

We had our challenges in the first year of our marriage even though we communicated effectively. There were times we got to the verge of taking drastic decisions but God prevented us from doing some things we could term as mundane.

  Healthy work-life balance

I am an actor on set and a husband and father at home. While on set, I speak with my family on phone. I always bear in mind the fact that I am first and foremost a husband and a father whenever I am on a movie set.

7.Learn to apologise

There is a freedom to apologise and there is always an atmosphere for reconciliation. Once you recognise you are wrong you apologise. Arguments are simply just misunderstandings or a result of expectations not being met. We talk a lot and moreover Cobhams isn’t stubborn.

With him (Cobhams) what you see is what you get. He is very diplomatic, courteous, generous and kind hearted. He doesn’t like conflict but he might keep something to heart. If he is upset with you, you wouldn’t know because he won’t lash out or talk back at you. People might not know this, but if you have offended him you wont hear from him again.

8.An inter-racial marriage is beautiful

She had little or no preconceptions about Nigeria or Nigerians. She was also eager to discover and learn my culture. She was raised in a very open minded family so we concentrated on getting to know each other better. She has embraced all things Nigerian, from understanding pidgin and loving Egusi soup.

9.Help with the household chores I cook once in a long while and I do the grocery shopping for our household. I don’t even wait for her to ask me to do so.

10 Respect her wish

My husband doesn’t have a problem with me retaining my maiden name. I am his wife and his name is on my documents. I have just adopted my maiden name as my main stage name especially because I am an actress.

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