Dasuki threaten to expose more beneficiaries of the Arm Scam Deal

Another turn to the progressing inves­tigation of the $2.1bn arms con­tract outrage might soon develop as partners of the troubled previous Na­tional Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki have debilitated to make pub­lic a proof that those de­nying to have profited from the cash really gathered the sums ticked against their names.

They said it was shock­ing that a few government officials would deny constantly having anything to do with the ex-NSA and his office when there is a record to demonstrate that they got the mon­ey.

Tending to some news­men yesterday, three of Dasuki’s companions and asso­ciates asserted that they were readied to develop realistic bodies of evidence against those denying accepting either material or money blessings from the previous NSA.

The partners, who argued for secrecy said that separated from a compre­hensive subpoena of indi­viduals and their intermediaries, who got monetary and material blessings yet have swung round to deny continually doing as such, said they were considering discharging re­corded video of all transac­tions.

“A few individuals are indecently telling in­defensible falsehoods. We have witnesses and recordings of these visits. A man re­ceived two resigned armed force of­ficers in his private living room, called his nephew to gather the pack and would from that point say he saw noth­ing, heard nothing. This is exceptionally absurd.

“How did his nephew who has never worked in his life collect over N850 million in his financial balance (0045586381) in another era bank?

“Give them a chance to cover what they think they could, and we would positively let the cat out of the bag for Nigerians to see their bad faith.

“Every one of us would meet in court. Be that as it may, before then in the event that they continue denying, we would discharge a few clasps on both YouTube and different types of online networking for the world to see their na­kedness,” the one of the partners who drove media cooperation said.

Dasuki and some promi­nent Nigerians including Chairman of Daar Com­munications Plc, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, previous legislative head of Sokoto state, Alhaji Attahiru Ba­farawa are confronting trial over their asserted contribution in the arms con

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