Bulgarian Psychic Vanga ‘Anticipated That nothing will be left in Europe, it Will Be Destroyed By Isis

A blind Bulgarian clairvoyant who is credited with correctly predicting the 2004 tsunami may have warned of the rise of Isis – predicting a ‘great Muslim war’ in 2016.

Baba Vanga died in 1996, aged 85, and is known as ‘the Nostradamus of the Balkans’ due to a supposed 85% success rate.

Her followers have drawn attention to predictions where she suggested that Europe will ‘cease to exist’ in a ‘great Muslim war’.

She predicts a war where, ‘Muslims would use chemical warfare against Europeans,’ and predicts a Muslim caliphate with Rome at its centre by 2043.

Vanga is said to have written that Europe will be left a ‘wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life’.

Vanga is credited with correctly predicting global warming in 1955, and with predicting the boxing day tsunami, writing that a ‘huge wave’ would smash into a ‘big coast, covering people and towns and (causing) everything to disappear under the water.