Balarabe Musa,Ezeife, Falana, Babatope, and Onyea­gocha divided against whether Goodluck Jonathan Should be probed in 2.1 billion Scam dollar scam.

While Balarabe Musa said the Former  president “ought to pay for his wrongdoings” in office, he in any case, campaigned that the tests and trials ought to be reached out to 1966 and all rulers “counting Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

” His perspective marginally adjusted to that of Nyiam who said that ” on the off chance that you need to attempt Jonathan, you need to attempt Babangida, Obasanjo and other past pioneers.

It is not about Jonathan, it is a framework they put set up to swing things and advance themselves.” But Ezeife, Falana, Babatope, and Onyea­gocha are entirely restricted to any type of trial of Jonathan, with Ezeife raising the alert on the perilous measurement the administration was going in an edgy offer to lessen Jonathan.

Balarabe pointed the finger at Jona­than for professedly captivating in degenerate practices through the endorsements he gave which finished in the bazaar. “He is not more critical than anybody. The hen has stirred up some trouble. He ought to pay for his transgressions in office, if any.

All the military rulers from 1966, every one of the presidents including Obasanjo ought to be tested and attempted in court. In the event that any of them is discovered liable, he ought to go to jail.” Putting Jonathan solidly in the ring, he said, “He more likely than not given the endorsements. The NSA has no official forces to burn through cash voluntarily.”

Ezeife contrasted in his appre­ciation of the endorsements said to have been given by Jonathan to Dasuki..

“It relies on upon the way of the endorsements given. A few endorsements are simply unimportant custom on the grounds that they are con­stitutional. The NSA spends the security vote of the president. It is affirmed as of now in the books. Jonathan is not going to jail. The degree they have gone is exceptionally perilous,” he dismissed.

For Babatope, he communicated reservations that gathering orga­nization is presently being stirred up with arms buy. He reviewed that in 1983, the same Buhari captured some ex-gov­ernors he sacked amid his military overthrow for advancing the gatherings.

“Buhari himself got a few governors to fund his race into office this year. We must be watchful. I will talk when the ground is reasonable. Buhari has communicated the wish to battle defilement and ought not be diverted with unimportant matters,” he exhorted. He finished up logically, along these lines:” Jonathan, to go to imprison? Over what?.

Falana washed Jonathan’s hands off the impropriety. He asked, “was Jonathan in contact with the staff of Dasuki? Could you endorse billions of naira without a composed record? On the off chance that the president gave endorsement that arms ought to be bought, is that a reason to break due procedure? By what method can a World Bank master instruct you to discharge $338m without apportionment? In the mean time, the president went to the National Assembly for endorsement to get $1billion advance to battle Boko Haram.

The direness in the whole process is called “self-prompted urgen­cy” in law, on the grounds that the law says that each kobo must be appropriated. As such, this case of endorsement from Jonathan, would it say it was acquired orally? Give them a chance to create the composed endorsements.

Keep in mind that Jonathan’s wife, Dame persistence over and again cautioned that she wouldn’t need the spouse to go to jail in the wake of leaving office.

” The red hot legal advisor offered praise to the on-going tests, watching joyfully that each one of the individuals who have been connected with the criminal preoccupation of assets have not denied their involvement, but rather are just arguing that they didn’t realize that the assets were stolen. He said he is not energized at the possibilities of “conviction at all cost.” He, notwithstanding, communicated the wish that the denounced will “have a reasonable day in court.

” Stressing the requirement for a snappy and reasonable allotment of equity in the matter, Falana said: “Under our law, taking into account accessible proof, I am persuaded that equity will be done toward the day’s end.

I am worried about the officers that were con­victed, those that passed on in the fight against Boko Haram, and I accept for appropriate expiation, this must achieve a legitimate conclusion. Its absolutely impossible you can begin from 1960, when the circumstance about defilement got to be basic. It will be hard to handle. The date, which they began is alright.”

Nyiam, who sounded extremely philo­sophical, portrayed the entire scene as “abuse of security consultant and security votes, expressing that the prac­tice originated before Jonathan.

He clarified further: “NSA (National Security Ad­viser) as the name infers is basically a counselor to the president. It is not an official position. This practice began numerous years prior amid the Babangida time. It has been on, yet got heightened amid the Obasanjo days.

“The workplace has turned into a spe­cial reason vehicle for doing evil arrangements. The main NSA who lived above board was Gen Sarki Mukhtar who served under the late Yar’Adua.

He was an ex-military police and legal advisor. Right from time, it has been a channel for a wide range of things. In the US, the workplace is normally taken care of by a scholastic, a specialist. What’s more, they don’t invest their energy managing arms buy.

It was made by cor­rupt presidents before Jonathan. The workplace has no bookkeeping framework as in the services. Bu­hari is just uncovering an open mystery of what has been done before.”

He proceeds with: “What is com­ing out is abuse of security votes by CEOs at all levels. The workplace has been totally abused. It is a systemic thing. He ought to be let off. Maybe the main driver ought to be handled. On the off chance that you need to attempt Jonathan, you need to attempt Obasanjo, Babangida, Shagari, Abdulsalami Abubakar and oth­ers.

It is not about Jonathan; it is a framework they put set up to swing things and improve them­selves. Okonjo – Iweala was guided by the way that security votes are not represented, and in light of the crisis she credited cash to the NSA.”

Onyeagocha moaned about the way that individuals are attached to piling accuses for the individuals who have dropped out of force. He cleared Jonathan of any accuse, saying “he didn’t ap­prove anything. ” Expatiating, Onyeagocha said, “he was not a frantic despot. Such a large number of indi