British Government speak on kidnap, and killing of its citizen in Delta state

The British Government has talked concerning the capture of four of its natives and the ensuing slaughtering of one of them, Ian Squire by their abductors.

Ian was murdered by the presumed kidnappers while three others were discharged and returned securely after Nigerian experts negotiated their freedom.

The conditions encompassing Ian Squire’s demise, three weeks after his hijack, were not promptly clear.

Ian and kindred Christian philanthropy laborers, David and Shirley Donovan and Alanna Carson were acting as teachers when they were kidnapped from their convenience in Delta State in the early hours of October 13.

The group of the casualties and the British Foreign Office in isolated explanations said thanks to the Nigerian Government for guaranteeing the discharged of the survived casualties.

The family articulation argued that their security be regarded, “We are appreciative for the help got by the British High Commission, and assistance from the Nigerian experts in negotiating their release.

“We are enchanted and eased that Alanna, David and Shirley have returned home securely. Our considerations are presently with the family and companions of Ian as we deal with his pitiful death.

“This has been a horrible time for our friends and family who were hijacked and for their families and companions here in the UK. We would subsequently ask that the media regard our protection as we deal with the news. We won’t make any further remark.

Also, the Foreign Affairs Office included that the episode was horrible. It stated, “We are supporting the groups of four British citizens who were kidnap on 13 October in Nigeria, one of whom was grievously murdered.

“This has obviously been a horrendous time for all concerned, and our staff will keep on doing whatever we can to help the families.

“We are thankful to the Nigerian authorities, and can’t remark given the continuous idea of their investigations.

“We are thankful to media for regarding the security of the families.” the statement said”.