Lynxxx: Singer Speaks Out ‘ I Am Actually Ready For Marriage’


Famous Nigerian Artist cum vocal Christian convert, Lynxxx, says he’s ready for marriage. See proof…

The crooner in a recent interview says he’s only waiting for the right time.

He told F78tvNews,

I’m actually ready for marriage. I’m not running away from it at the right time I will marry and give birth with small small Lynxxx’s around the place. But it hasn’t come.

Meanwhile, Lynxxx recently dished out advice to those looking for a lifetime partner.

The crooner took to Instagram on September 13, 2016, writing,

I have learned in faith that finding Mr / Ms Right begins with someone who already knows who THEY are in Christ! Someone who has the Love and Fear of God would lead u closer to him, therefore, closer to “You” and ur destiny.

They say you can’t give what you don’t have, if all I have to offer is range and 6packs, that’s what I am bringing to the relationship table…

Therefore I can be a monster on the inside and treat u anyhow. But a Man or Woman with a good Spiritual Foundation is limited to the world by the fear and Love of God and the Word…”

Where’s all the single ladies at? Feel free to slide into his DM.




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